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We are EAZ wind.

The specialist in small windmills.

Reinventing farm energy.

Small windmills have been around for decades. Using new technology and a healthy dose of common-sense, we have re-invented the small windmill, specifically for the farm.


Our windmills are powering hundreds of farms every day across the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.


With our windmill and our approach, we’ve become market leader on the farm. 

EAZ founders.JPG

The four founders of EAZ Wind after completing their first windmill in 2014: IJssebrand Ziel, Bart Claessen, Sjouke Ritsema and Aard Duivenvoorden.

Our mission.

Energy for the



"The feeling we experienced after setting up our very first windmill was special. Engineering something with our own hands, stepping back and watching the machine come to life. It's this feeling that fuelled us then, and it still does now, every day again.

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Our mission.

Long time certainty.

Your windmill needs to perform over a long time period. We make sure that your windmill gets the attention that it deserves. 


Hundreds of farmers make use of our windmill to power their farm every day. It’s a trust in us that we don’t take for granted. 


It's our job to make sure your windmill always performs as expected. And keeps doing so over the many years to come. 


This is our promise.

Founding principles.

With every solution we develop, we use three founding principles.

Come join us!

Do you want to support our mission to power the countryside? By creating policies? Powering your own farm? Or joining our team?

It’s about seven years ago that these guys suddenly showed up on my farm. I always wanted a windmill. Based on pure trust I bought the very first one and I’ve never regretted that decision.

Jos Vergeer, Overschild

Dairy farm with 200 cows.

Energy consumption 90.000 kWh per year

Jos Vergeer.png
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