The future.

Humanity must now produce more food in the next 40 years than we have in the last 8,000 years.

Let that challenge sink in, it means we need to be way more productive than ever before. And at the same time transform our food production to sustainable practices."

Timo Spijkerboer,

general director of EAZ wind


The trends.

These are the major trends in the farming and energy context.

Demand for food_lres.jpg

Demand for food goes up.

Demand for food is rapidly rising as our global population keeps on growing.


Need for sustainable farming.

Our partner FrieslandCampina, a big milk cooperation, has made serious commitments to reduce their carbon footprint.


grids are full.

As the amount of renewable energy generation increases, the grid always shows to be the limiting factor.


The energy transition process.

We recognise three phases in the energy transition process.

Phase 1

Green electricity for lowest cost.


During the first phase a government will create incentives to produce as much electricity from sustainable sources for the lowest price per kWh.

Phase 2

Focus on balance and resiliency.


As the grid problems intensify, new policies are adopted to continue the energy transition. Everyone is asked to balance supply and demand on all different levels to avoid large investments into the grid infrastructure.

Phase 3

Sharing the profit.



Society costs have reduced along with the decline of our environmental footprint. Businesses thrive in this new economy. It's a win-win.

Our plan:

every farm can power itself.

We are committed to solve the energy part of this challenge.


Our solution: autonomy is key, every farm can power itself.

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Want to be part of this future?