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Carin & Cato Gaaikema.
Houwerzijl, The Netherlands.
Arable farm with seed potatoes and carrots.
Energy consumption 48.000 kWh per year.
1 windmill with 25kW of solar.

We want to make our farm more sustainable towards the future. Show commitment and choose to tackle things. We recognize this attitude in the EAZ team.

We mainly use electricity in the winter for the preservation of our potatoes, so a windmill fits better than solar panels. The windmill is always spinning, day and night. Now we are saving money without having to do anything for it.


Gradually we learned more and more, and we saw that a few solar panels are a good addition for the days when the sun shines and the wind gives a little less energy. We now generate the electricity for our farm in-house and that makes us feel good.

SV 2020 0910 EAZ Wind-9757.jpg
Piet van der Slikke.
Tholen, The Netherlands.
Dairy farm with 100 cows.
Energy consumption 60.000kWh per year.
1 windmill and 30kWp of solar panels.

I was looking for a way to generate electricity for my milking robots. I liked the idea of a windmill, since it also generates electricity in darkness. After some research, I stumbled upon EAZ Wind. I heard good stories from colleague farmers out the province of Groningen, the place of birth of EAZ Wind.


After a visit of their sales representative, I became enthusiastic. They tell a story about honesty and commitment, but also about real ambition. Somehow they manage to activate not only the farming community, but also local and even national authorities. I’m quite impressed.


It’s a great feeling to see those blades spinning. And when the wind drops, I still have my solar panels as a back-up. After more than a year of operation, I am very proud on my investment in EAZ wind.

Jos Vergeer. 
Overschild, The Netherlands.
Dairy farm, 200 cows.
Energy consumption 90.000kWh per year.
3 windmills.

It’s about seven years ago that these guys suddenly showed up on my farm. I always wanted a windmill, based on pure trust I bought the very first one and I’ve never regretted that decision.


Along those years, I have seen EAZ Wind growing from a start-up into a professional company. They’ve been able to stick to their core values and build a solid foundation for their business.


They are an inspiration for the future, and it makes me proud.

Jos Vergeer.png
Family Ritsema.

Appingedam, The Netherlands.

Dairy farm with 150 cows and milking robots.

Energy consumption 71.000 kWh per year.

2 Windmills and 15kWp of solar panels.

The enthusiasm of the team of EAZ was infectious to us. We wanted to do something about the sustainability of our company for a while now and we liked the solution of a windmill that EAZ came up with.


After more than 2 years, the mills have generated more electricity than we expected. From the neighbourhood we only hear positive feedback. Such a small mill doesn't bother anyone and it fits our farm.


Because the windmills generate electricity especially in the winter, we also have a number of solar panels for the summer. As the net-metering is going to be phased out, we are focusing on the possibilities of energy storage, so that as little power as possible leaves our farm.

Johnny & Tina Zuidveld.

Garrelsweer, The Netherlands.

Parlour farmer with 130 cows.

Energy consumption 63.000kWh per year.

2 windmills.


We could see the first mills of EAZ running on the other side of the canal. That's how we got the idea of our own windmills. In fact, everything went smoothly from the permit to the installation and the mechanic always calls correctly in advance if maintenance is needed.


We are now broadly self-sufficient and the mills work nicely. Without net-metering, we are going to look at the possibilities of solar panels and energy storage. That's why EAZ is already measuring our energy consumption.

SV 2020 0910 EAZ Wind-9923.jpg
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