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Your farm needs power.

Discover how to create a return from your energy investment.


Don't let energy escape the farm.

The best investment returns for farms are coming from generating your own energy. Now and in the future. The main key is using as much of it yourself as possible. 

We show you the options.


Should I start with solar?

On our part of the globe, solar creates too much power in summer, and not enough in winter. You still pay for energy when it's dark.

Graph solar EN.jpg

So what if I go for wind?

Season to season and day to night, the wind is a more constant energy source. This makes windpower more suitable for your farm operations.

Graph wind EN.jpg

The right combination:

wind in winter, sun in summer.

The windmill produces the bulk of your farm's energy. The solar panels support the energy production in summer.


This is the most cost-effective way to power your farm.

Graph wind+sun EN.jpg
wind + solar
Schermafbeelding 2020-11-11 om 17.26.57.

Short answer.

Yes, if your electricity bill is higher than EUR 6000,- per year, then certainly.

Long answer.

It depends on multiple factors.

Ok, is this for me?

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