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Our windmill.

A farm needs power in wintertime.

A good solution didn't exist. So, we built it.


The windmill

for farmers

A windmill needs to perform for over 20 years, which means 170.000 operating hours. Imagine, that’s about 12 times longer than a decent tractor. 


Our windmill is made perfect through hundreds of engineering refinements and years of experience.

  • Simple and well-engineered.

  • Build to last over 20 years time.

  • Large enough to power a farm, small enough to fit into the landscape.

EAZ 13.2 infographic

We build it.

It's our own product. We build it.

From field to drawing table, we

made it perfect and look good.

We produce the windmills in our own factory, and we source nearly all materials in Europe. All parts that arrive on your farm have gone through our own hands.

Our Solar systems.

Made for the farm.

When it comes to solar systems, we know how to select the correct materials, complete a high-quality installation, and take responsibility for after-sales service.

We do not accept red warning lights when the grid is full.

Solar roof.jpg

Electrical infrastructure.

Sun and wind are operating as one.

Electrische infrastructuur webversie.jpg

With a growing number of renewable energy installations, the pressure on the electricity grid is building. Grid operators face more unbalance every day.


Connecting multiple energy sources to the grid can be challenging. Our electrical engineers are professionals in what they are doing. With our power management solutions, we make sure all systems operate safely and consistently over the decades to come.

Growing with the farm.

Without major investments, EAZ can help you to maximise your farm energy efficiency.

When you have the wind and solar foundation in place, your energy is now available day and night throughout the whole year.


In our simple mobile app, we show you how energy is produced and consumed on your farm. This is how you can make the most of your on-site generation potential.


Our windmills perform even better than we had expected. They are a nice piece of engineering. 

Ritsema Family
Dairy farm with 150 cows and milking robots.

Energy consumption 71.000 kWh per year.


Are you as enthusiastic as we are?

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