A small wind turbine in combination with solar panels and a small energy storage system has the future on the countryside. With the wind being the most reliable energy source, the wind turbine makes out the basis of this energy system. We also supply the solar panels and the storage system.

A good small wind turbine needs to be reliable and profitable. It also needs to blend into the landscape and fit into the local grid. With these requirements in mind we developed the E.A.Z.-Twelve.

Model EAZ-Twelve
Rotor diameter 12 m
Mast 15 m
Power 15 kW
Annual yield at 5.5 m/s 40.000 kWh/year
Design life time >20 years

The E.A.Z.-Twelve has a relatively large rotor diameter to catch a lot of wind and a relatively small generator to deliver the power evenly throughout the year. Using simple mechanical solutions, we came up with a solid design to achieve a long service life. The size of the turbine and the usage of natural materials make sure it fits into its surroundings.

The E.A.Z.-Twelve is delivered turn-key. We take care of everything from documentation till the final installation.