EAZ-Twaalf Overzicht

“E.A.Z. Wind makes saving on the energy bill possible in the Maritimes”


Wind energy is abundant in the Maritimes and electricity rate are significant. E.A.Z. Wind has made it economically profitable to produce your own wind energy.

Wind energy for you?

Wind energy is for everyone! Also for you. Farms, businesses and households in rural areas all profit when saving on their energy bill.

Saving on your energy bill

The cost of electricity is significant, especially in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island where the rates are the highest in Canada. And electricity prices will typically continue to steadily increase.

Saving on your energy bill is one of the easiest way to make money if the economics are right. Three years ago, we have made and built a small wind turbine that focusses on simplicity, thus bringing the cost per unit of electricity to a minimum. The economics of our wind turbine result in a pay-back period of below 10 years.


We started in Groningen the Netherlands, where we have put up over 160 windmills in a 3,000km2 area. This focus on a region lets us run an efficient operation and it allows us to have a local workshop to support a region with inspection and servicing. We expect to open shop in the Maritimes in 2019.