Your farm can power itself.

And it's an easier investment than you think.

The windmill is spinning every day, while I focus on my farm."

Stephan Bremerann.

Dairy farm with 190 cows.

Energy consumption 90.000 kWh per year.


High tech, nice looking and yet simple.

The perfect way to power a farm is with a windmill. Fact. We designed and developed the best one. Our mill has the right size and a straight forward design. It is our workhorse in our tailor-made energy packages of wind and sun.

You farm.

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We take care of the rest.


It's a balancing act. Running your farm and taking time to improve it at the same time. We’re fully equipped to guide you through the process, from A to Z.

Energy for the countryside.

Our countdown to 10.000 farms in our fleet.

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The principles of wind + solar combined generation. 

Wind in winter, 

sun in summer.

Together, they power your farm year-round, day and night, against the lowest costs.

We want to make our farm more sustainable towards the future. Show commitment and choose to tackle things. We recognise this attitude in the EAZ team.”

Carin & Cato Gaaikema.
Arable farm with seed potatoes and carrots.
Energy consumption 48.000 kWh per year.

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Let's get started.

Leave us your contact details and farm size. We'll make a custom farm energy assessment and discuss this at your place.

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