EAZ-Twaalf Overzicht

“E.A.Z. Wind makes wind energy profitable and available on a local scale without dependancy on export tarrifs”

The countryside of Ireland, with its abundant wind, is ideally suitable for the generation of wind energy. In most cases however, existing small wind turbines turn out to be too expensive and large wind turbines hit upon substantial social resistance. As a result, wind energy becomes unavailable on a local scale, sometimes leaving solar panels as the only option.

The same situation occurred in a small region in the Netherlands, Groningen, our place of birth. Being of such significance for the renewable energy transition, it was then that we came up with a new approach to make local wind energy available. With our own engineers we developed new technologies to make the design simpler and more cost effective. We took production in our own hands. We started using local labour and materials. We worked closely together with local authorities and communities and made sure the design was in proportion with the landscape.
Now, after three years, the region becomes independent and self-sustaining, dozens of jobs are being created from this new economy and farmers and communities have a way to generate their own electricity at low cost and with respect for the environment.

We have always had a special connection with Ireland. We think many agricultural regions in Ireland can benefit in the same way as Groningen. With an Irish production facility we can fit the product to local needs. This facility supports growth of a local economy, helps to make Ireland´s regions selfsustainable and moreover produces transparent and affordable wind energy for farmers and communities.

We offer a complete turn-key system, including the foundation, installation, commissioning and the required planning permission. Since the design, production and installation is all done in-house, we have full control in terms of quality, delivery and support. That is why a 10 year warranty can be guaranteed. The turbine is completely maintenance free.

Interested? Feel free to contact us for more information. We are happy to come over and discuss the possibilities.


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