EAZ-Twaalf Overzicht

Power your farm with Wind

As electricity rates are rising rapidly, producing your own electricity becomes the better option. E.A.Z. Wind has made it economically profitable to produce your own wind energy. As the wind blows day and night, you will have the power when you need it.

Wind and Solar, the perfect combination

Saving on your energy bill is one of the easiest way to make money if the economics are right. That is, only if the electricty is produced when you need it. A combination between wind and solar creates the best overlap between consumption and production profiles for farmers. This minimizes export to the grid and optimizes profitibiliy.

Dutch heritage

E.A.Z. Wind was founded in Groningen, the Netherlands, by four engineers. Yet, 180 windmills have been installed in a 3,000km2 area. Founded on decades of Dutch wind engineering experience, the product has matured over the past five years. E.A.Z. now extends their offering to the south of Australia.