Technical specifications:


Model EAZ-Twelve
Price On request
Yield indication for 5.5 m/s
(15m tower on Nova Scotia)
35.000 kWh/year
Yield indication for 6 m/s
(15m tower on Prins Edward Island)
40.000 kWh/year
Design lifetime >20 years
Rotor diameter 12 m (39.3 ft)
Tower height 15 m (49.2 ft)
Nominal power with 8.5 m/s 15 kW


It is possible to install multiple EAZ-Twelve turbines. All turbines are maintenance free and are delivered with guarantee.

We believe in keeping things simple, so we deliver a turn key sollution including building permit, net-metering agreement with the utility company, cable/ground works and installation.

Net-metering; how does that work?

Net-metering is a common system throughout Canada. It allows to feed energy into the grid (and “store” it on the grid) and use the energy at another time. This allows to utilize 100% of the output of the windmill to save on your own energy usage.

Net-metering is only allowed when you are producing no more than the amount that you are using on the that the windmill connects to.

The size of our windmill is ideally suited for this size.

Large output on a small grid connection

The windmill captures energy from the wind with a relatively large rotor diameter compared to its peak power. This allows a high annual output on a small grid connection. This makes sure the best economics are achieved from generating electricity behind the meter.

A Dutch mill in the Maritimes

The E.A.Z. Wind turbine is 100% designed and manufactured in the Netherlands, which allows us to have full control over the quality of the machines we instal.

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